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Every ounce a family business - famed for fine foods since 1874
Every ounce a family business - famed for fine foods since 1874


  • from £5.25

    Ribeye Steak

    The ribeye is known for its rich, buttery flavor and tender texture and delivers mouthwatering, juiciness, and flavor in every bite.

    from £5.25
  • from £3.25

    Black Pudding

    Our special black pudding recipe, passed down through the generations from the Isle of Shuna off the west coast of Scotland. Delicious!

    from £3.25
  • £1.20

    Sausage Rolls

    £1.20 per sausage roll Delicious, fluffy pastry - a real winter warmer! Freshly baked in our factory, these family favourites are made from seasone...

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  • from £1.50

    Premium Campbell Clan Burger

    Our unique, premium burger "Campbell Clan" has been carefully created with the perfect mix of finest quality minced beef and an extra special seaso...

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    from £1.50
  • from £2.65

    Beef Olives

    Nothing to do with the olives that grow on trees these form the base of a braised meat dish popular in Scotland since the 1600’s. They are thin bee...

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    from £2.65
  • £2.10

    Steak, Haggis & Pepper Sauce Pie

    This seems to be a favourite of our customers. Our golden pastry filled with our hand diced stew, a slice of our own recipe haggis topped with a cr...

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  • from £2.25

    Pork Belly

    This cut of pork is perfect for a traditional Sunday roast. Served with your favourite creamy mash, steamed veg and gravy.

    from £2.25
  • £1.90

    Turkey Crown (cooked)

    £1.90 per 100g Moist, tasty cooked turkey crown - great in sandwiches or salads.    

  • £4.99

    Whole Chicken

    1.36kg chicken (serves 4) Tuck into succulent, juicy chicken and enjoy!    

  • £15.00

    Butchers Box Number One

    4 meals for 4 people 1lb finest steak mince 1lb hand diced stew 4 x 4oz burgers 4 pork steaks    

  • £50.00

    Butchers Box Number Four

    2lb Silverside 1lb Steak Mince 1lb Diced Stew 4 Pork Steaks 1lb Steak Pie 4 Fresh Chicken Fillets 1lb Steak Slice Sausage 1lb Link Sausage 1lb Baco...

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  • from £2.20

    Fruit Pudding

    Delicious, hand made, original recipe fruit pudding A James Campbell speciality, this delicious fruit pudding will make your traditional Scottish ...

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    from £2.20
  • from £7.40

    Fillet Steak

    Our fillet steak is renowned for its extra tenderness and subtle flavour. Our Scottish fillets steaks are hand cut and trimmed by our expert butche...

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    from £7.40
  • £3.00

    Mince Rounds

    £3.00 per Round

  • £2.45


    375g pack  Delicious Campbell meat balls, hand made to our own special, family recipe handed down over the generations. Only the finest ingredients...

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  • from £7.00

    Beef Silverside

    Silverside of beef makes for a very good roasting joint and 1kg comfortably serves 4-5 people and makes the most delicious Sunday roast or special ...

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    from £7.00
  • £2.10

    Steak, Black Pudding & Pepper Sauce Pies

    This seems to be a favourite of our customers. Our golden pastry filled with our hand diced stew, a slice of our black pudding topped with a creamy...

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  • £1.95
  • from £2.10

    Pork Mince

    Best quality, beautifully minced by our expert butchers.

    from £2.10
  • £2.10

    Roast Beef

    £2.10 per 100g Our roast beef slices are healthy and deliciously nutritious cold cuts by simply  slicing chilled roast beef it super thinly. Delici...

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  • from £12.30

    Boneless Turkey Crown

    Available in a range of sizes for the perfect Christmas dinner.

    from £12.30
  • £3.50

    Steak Round

    Our delicious steak round made with our hand diced stew.   3.50 per round

  • £55.00

    Butchers Box Number Five

    Our amazing value meat pack for the larger family! 3lb rolled brisket 1lb steak mince 4 beef olives  1lb steak slice sausage 4 pork steak...

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  • £2.10

    Farmhouse Beef Steak Pies

    Delicious pastry, delightful filling £2.10 per pie