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What better way to spend your summer nights, we have all you need for the perfect BBQ with your friends & family!
  • £20.00

    Regular BBQ Box

    Get garden party ready with our 20 Item BBQ Box for just £20.00   4 Chicken Kebabs 4 Burgers 4 Pork Jumbo Sausages 4 Chicken Thighs 4 Chicken Drums...

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  • £33.00

    Large BBQ Box

    36 Item BBQ Box, ideal for a weekend BBQ with your friends & family.. all just for £28.50!!   6 Chicken Kebabs 6 Burgers 6 BBQ Pork Steaks 6 Po...

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  • £1.75

    Chicken Kebabs

    Ideal for the BBQ, we have various flavours of kebabs for you to chose from for the perfect summers day BBQ!   £1.75 each

  • from £1.60

    Premium Campbell Clan Burger

    Our unique, premium burger "Campbell Clan" has been carefully created with the perfect mix of finest quality minced beef and an extra special seaso...

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    from £1.60
  • from £1.10

    Premium Beef Burgers

    Juicy and tasty, our Campbell beef burgers are made with our light seasoning to make them extra special, with our unique, delicious taste. Availabl...

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    from £1.10
  • from £2.25

    Pork Links

    A simple and secret blend of ground spices used in this great British Sausage make it a fantastic all rounder. This secret family recipe sausage is...

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    from £2.25
  • from £2.25

    Beef Links

    Wholesome, traditional beef sausage made with the finest beef When making our premium sausages, our butchers aim for cuts with the perfect combinat...

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    from £2.25
  • from £2.35

    BBQ Pork Ribs

    Delicious and sweet, sticky BBQ pork ribs.

    from £2.35
  • £0.85

    Chicken Drumstick

    Our chicken drumsticks are succulent and tasty. You can eat Drumstickswith a knife and fork, or just pick them up with your fingers. Chicken drumst...

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  • £1.20

    Chicken Leg

  • from £2.20

    Chicken Wings

    from £2.20
  • from £5.85

    Sirloin Steak

    Sirloin Steak is a butter-tender piece of beef with a small rim of fat that serves as the flavour carrier. The James Campbell Butchers sirloin stea...

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    from £5.85
  • from £5.25

    Ribeye Steak

    The ribeye is known for its rich, buttery flavor and tender texture and delivers mouthwatering, juiciness, and flavor in every bite.

    from £5.25
  • from £7.40

    Fillet Steak

    Our fillet steak is renowned for its extra tenderness and subtle flavour. Our Scottish fillets steaks are hand cut and trimmed by our expert butche...

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    from £7.40
  • from £11.65

    T Bone Steak

    T-bone steak is made up of two kinds of meat - Tenderloin and a thin Striploin.  On one side of the bone you have one sort of beef meat (filet stea...

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    from £11.65