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Our Scottish lamb is the best quality, and not only does it make an amazing meal, it's a great source of wholesome nutrients too!
  • from £7.50

    Scotch Lamb Shoulder Rolled

    Premium lamb, naturally reared in Scotland.  Prepared by our expert butchers to ensure full flavoured, melt in your mouth meat. James Campbell's c...

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    from £7.50
  • from £3.75

    Lamb Stewing Chop

    Beautiful pieces of best lamb, these stewing chops are bursting with flavour and a guaranteed treat for all the family. James Campbell cooking tips...

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    from £3.75
  • from £5.25

    Lamb Gigot Chop

    Lamb Gigot Chops are centre-cut from the leg of lamb, perfect for grilling or on the barbeque. Also ideal for a nice slowly cooked casserole.

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  • from £5.00

    Lamb Chump Chops

    These succulent lamb chump chops are full of flavour and will make a very satisfying meal.

    from £5.00
  • from £5.40

    Scotch Lamb Loin Chops

    Lamb chops are bone-in meat chops, cut from the shoulder, loin, sirloin, or rib of the animal. These are all loaded with flavor, tender, and cook v...

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    from £5.40
  • from £3.65

    Diced Lamb

    Tender, tasty, grass fed Scottish lamb, hand diced by our skilled butchers to make adding to your favourite dishes as easy as possible.  Whether yo...

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    from £3.65
  • £8.80

    Lamb Shank

    These are one of the tougher cuts and need to be cooked slowly for a long period of time to be able to enjoy the amazing flavours.

  • from £1.95

    Lambs Liver

    Our lamb's liver is bursting with flavour, as well as being extremely soft and tender. Cut from our finest grass-fed lambs, it really has a delicio...

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    from £1.95