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Our great range of top quality, cooked meats are brilliant for lunches, sandwiches and salads.  We are increasing our range of deli products and in the meantime, if there is anything you need - just ask!

  • £1.90

    York Ham

    £1.90 per 100g Delicious york ham, fantastic in sandwiches or salads

  • £1.90

    Turkey Crown (cooked)

    £1.90 per 100g Moist, tasty cooked turkey crown - great in sandwiches or salads.    

  • £1.25

    Chopped Pork

    £1.25 per 100g Approx 6 slices per pack Traditional, Scottish favourite, great for lunches, sandwiches and salads.

  • £1.90

    Corned Beef

    £1.90 per 100g pack Approx 6 slices pack Authentic, hand made, top quality corned beef.  So tasty!

  • £2.30

    Roast Beef

    £2.30 per 100g Our roast beef slices are healthy and deliciously nutritious cold cuts by simply  slicing chilled roast beef it super thinly. Delici...

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  • £1.80

    Eggs (6 Medium)

    £1.80 per half dozen Eggs are an essential part of a traditional Campbell breakfast... Whether fried, scrambled or poached - our free range eggs s...

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  • £7.00

    Whole Cooked Chicken

    Delicious chicken already cooked for you.. Can either be eaten cold or you can heat it through for a nice Sunday roast.