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Valentines Day is fast approaching.. Why not treat your loved one to one of our tasty succulent steaks or even better treat yourself!
  • from £5.85

    Sirloin Steak

    Sirloin Steak is a butter-tender piece of beef with a small rim of fat that serves as the flavour carrier. The James Campbell Butchers sirloin stea...

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    from £5.85
  • from £5.25

    Ribeye Steak

    The ribeye is known for its rich, buttery flavor and tender texture and delivers mouthwatering, juiciness, and flavor in every bite.

    from £5.25
  • from £7.40

    Fillet Steak

    Our fillet steak is renowned for its extra tenderness and subtle flavour. Our Scottish fillets steaks are hand cut and trimmed by our expert butche...

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    from £7.40
  • from £11.65

    T Bone Steak

    T-bone steak is made up of two kinds of meat - Tenderloin and a thin Striploin.  On one side of the bone you have one sort of beef meat (filet stea...

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    from £11.65
  • from £4.00

    Popeseye Steak

    Popeseye steak, also known as Rump steak, is a versatile and tasty frying steak cut from the lower back of the animal. We think our Popeseye steak ...

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    from £4.00
  • £20.00

    Tomahawk Steak

    Treat yourself or someone special this Valentines day with a tasty tomahawk steak, full of flavour!     

  • £12.00

    Breakfast Box

    All you need for a traditional Scottish sunday breakfast.... with all your favourite James Campbell butcher's products (28 items included). Unbeata...

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