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Every ounce a family business - famed for fine foods since 1874
Every ounce a family business - famed for fine foods since 1874


  • from £7.40

    Beef Topside

    Topside is an easy to cook joint and superb value. Lean, tender and full of flavour, this is a very popular Beef roasting joint. Fantastic for all ...

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    from £7.40
  • from £7.00

    Scotch Lamb Shoulder Rolled

    Premium lamb, naturally reared in Scotland.  Prepared by our expert butchers to ensure full flavoured, melt in your mouth meat. James Campbell's c...

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    from £7.00
  • £40.00

    Butchers Box Number Three

    2lb Silverside 1lb Steak Mince 1lb Hand Diced Stew 4 Burgers 4 Fresh Chicken Fillets 4 Pork Steaks 1lb Steak Slice Sausage 1lb Black Pudding

  • £6.80

    Lamb Shank

    These are one of the tougher cuts and need to be cooked slowly for a long period of time to be able to enjoy the amazing flavours.

  • from £4.30

    Chicken Mince

    Our delicious chicken mince is a healthy alternative.  Bursting with nutrition and flavour, a very versatile product for a whole range of recipes.

    from £4.30
  • from £11.65

    T Bone Steak

    T-bone steak is made up of two kinds of meat - Tenderloin and a thin Striploin.  On one side of the bone you have one sort of beef meat (filet stea...

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    from £11.65
  • from £5.15

    Scotch Lamb Loin Chops

    Lamb chops are bone-in meat chops, cut from the shoulder, loin, sirloin, or rib of the animal. These are all loaded with flavor, tender, and cook v...

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    from £5.15
  • from £4.80

    Pork Shoulder Rolled

    Our pork shoulder roasting joint has been hand boned and rolled making this the perfect, slow-cooked roast. With an ample covering of fat for flavo...

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    from £4.80
  • £20.00

    Tomahawk Steak

    Treat yourself or someone special this Valentines day with a tasty tomahawk steak, full of flavour!     

  • £2.10

    Bacon Steak

    Tasty bacon steak cut off of a sweetcure bacon joint by one of our butchers.     Pack of 2

  • from £5.90

    Rolled Pork Loin

    A delicious cut of pork typically used for roasting. Preheat oven to Gas 4-5, 180oC, 350oFWeigh joint and calculate cooking time:- 30 mins per 450g...

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    from £5.90
  • £2.40

    Peppered Steak Bake

    Our peppered steak bakes, filled with our tender hand diced stew and peppercorn sauce, delicious..

  • £30.00

    Butchers Box Number Two

    4 pork steaks 1lb hand diced stew 4 fresh chicken fillets 1lb steak slice sausage 1lb sliced bacon 1lb black pudding 6 potato scones 6 eggs

  • from £2.00

    Chicken Wings

    from £2.00
  • £17.50

    Regular BBQ Box

    Get garden party ready with our 20 Item BBQ Box for just £17.50   4 Chicken Kebabs 4 Burgers 4 Pork Jumbo Sausages 4 Chicken Thighs 4 Chicken Drums...

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  • £7.98

    Chieftain Haggis

    The chieftain haggis, also known as a ceremonial haggis, is the crowning glory of a Burns Night Supper. Best served with your traditional "neeps" &...

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  • from £2.30

    BBQ Pork Ribs

    Delicious and sweet, sticky BBQ pork ribs.

    from £2.30
  • from £4.00

    Popeseye Steak

    Popeseye steak, also known as Rump steak, is a versatile and tasty frying steak cut from the lower back of the animal. We think our Popeseye steak ...

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    from £4.00
  • from £16.50

    Fresh Turkey

    Limited Availability

    from £16.50
  • £28.50

    Large BBQ Box

    36 Item BBQ Box, ideal for a weekend BBQ with your friends & family.. all just for £28.50!!   6 Chicken Kebabs 6 Burgers 6 BBQ Pork Steaks 6 Po...

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  • £3.50

    Haggis Chub

    Celebrate burns night in the traditional way with a tasty haggis. £3.50 per chub James Campbell cooking tips: Your haggis is already cooked and onl...

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  • £6.50

    Whole Cooked Chicken

    Delicious chicken already cooked for you.. Can either be eaten cold or you can heat it through for a nice Sunday roast.

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